Our Staff

The faculty at UNIVERSAL is trained, highly qualified and experienced with an excellent track record of having successfully delivered the various curricula the school offers in the past several years. Selected by a rigorous process of test demonstrations and personal interviews our teachers are innovative and creative in their delivery while empathizing and synergizing with the children. The teachers Universal School are excited about learning, are strong communicators with high levels of excitement about their subjects and about creativity. With a generosity of mind and spirit our teachers are open and flexible to change and the Management provides them all trust and support in innovating their techniques and methodologies.

Staff Development

Teaching staff at UNIVERSAL undergo regular training in order to further hone their skills and abilities and to be kept up to date with best practices in the field of education and classroom management. The workshops and trainings range from those involving development of soft skills, classroom skills, academic skills and take place throughout the year. Special training for non teaching staff is ongoing as well.